Just here to say hello...

Hi guys, just wanted to post a little update. 

Things have been pretty busy here so far. I've been making huge headway in the fursuits, I still have the need for outside help, so if you're feeling generous and would be willing to help a Furry artist like myself out please visit here.

I've finished both tails, they look absolutely awesome, SUPER fluffy. Enough to make my allergies go haywire while shaving them to appropriate fur lengths. I've been working on drawings again, those are going well. Taking commissions, so feel free to message me if you want to order something! Besides fursuits of course, those I can't take on until after graduation in December. 

What do I have left?

  • Red panda head and neck
  • Red panda body
  • Red panda hands and feet
  • Wolf neck
  • Wolf Body
  • Wolf hands and feet
  • 9 more digital drawings for the show

Wow that looks like quite a lot doesn't it? Want to see what I've got finished since the beginning of the month?

  • Wolf head
  • wolf tail
  • Red panda tail
  • 2 digital drawings completed

Of course, there is still lots more to do, but I feel pretty confident that I can finish it up. Plenty of streaming time. If you guys want to watch me stream while I work, I typically stream from 21:00-5:00 CST(-6GMT). 


Anyways, That's all I have for the moment! I'll pop back over here if I have any new news to tell!