Lots of Good News to be Held!

It sure has been busy here in my area recently! I got the announcement that I passed my thesis review! Hoorah! I get to graduate on time in December by putting up my show the month before! 

We just finished up Lexicon over this past weekend and it was a big success! The official debut of the Ichigo suit was awesome! Lots of adoring fans and pictures to be had. 

September is going to keep me very busy, between prepping for the art gallery in November. The opening night is November 3rd! Mark your calendars for coming out to Stillwater, Oklahoma to see the show on full display! There even will be special guests from around the state for my portion of the show. October should sail by fairly quickly as well, loads of projects and things to do to get ready for November. Then the show, and onto December and graduation! November 10th, mark your calendars! I've another comiccon coming up on the 10th! This is a very short one that will only be for a couple hours, come out and get your nerd on. 

I may or may not also be picking up a side project helping the Student Veterans Organization in building and painting a display for the Homecoming weekend festivities in stillwater! I need to get that double checked, but it'll be a nice project to work on when I'm not covered in fur. 

I plan on fully opening up Fursuit commissions coming December, but I will be gone at the end of the month for family obligations and a special grandmother's 80th Birthday Party! Shh, don't tell her that. 

Otherwise, things are going smooth so far! I'll be sure to post more updates here as stuff comes up.