Summer Break, Events, and more work!

Hey everyone!

It's officially my Summer Break! Thank goodness!
Currently I have two Facebook Events going across my art page!
I highly suggest that you follow the page to see more events when free art is coming out

May Art Raffle- The May art raffle happens every month, where one winner chosen from the list of people who "attended" this online event by raffle numbers gets to choose something of their choice to be drawn and sent to them via postcard! Wow!

Postcard Give-away - This other event is a postcard art random give away! All you have to do is follow me across multiple Social Media page! Such as Facebook (@RainyDayDoodles), Twitter (@inky_paw), FurAffinity, (inkypawprint), etc! It just has to be more than one!

As for updates on art, I'm taking a couple weeks break as to catch up on some much needed personal rest and recovery from that loooooong semester, but then I'll be back and working on new stuff!

Want to see whats in my queue?

Feel free to comment below on stuff that you'd like to see! I'll take suggestions and work them around how I'd like to get stuff done and interacting with the others for my show!