Oh No!

So I was hit with some unexpected financial situations and will have to remove a couple of future fur cons this year from my list of going to. Sadly, due to the farness of Anthro Weekend Utah and Arizona Fur Con I will not be able to attend either of these cons. 

Also! In update news. I appreciate everyone who has come forward and supported me along the way. My drawing commissions and fursuit commissions are now closed! Fursuits are closed indefinitely. I want to get better on my speed in creating stuff, so after these two commissions in my queue I will be working only on small commissions such as tails and ears, and will be focusing more of my time on making partials to sell at cons and online on my store. As for drawing commissions, I want to clear out my current queue, but will be reopening hopefully July 1st! 

If you're unaware, I will be taking drawing requests on my Drink 'n Draw streams that are now every other Friday night from 8pm CST until whenever I'm too tipsy/tired to draw anymore. If you're wanting some cheap quick art, feel free to attend these events on my Picarto

Are you interested in getting updates on my current whereabouts? Check out my Telegram Channel, Facebook, and Twitter!  

Anyways, thanks for reading! I'll keep you guys tuned in!