Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone! It's been a wee bit since I posted an update but wanted to remind you guys that I'll be out of town starting Sunday the 24th until probably Wednesday the 3rd! 


It's been a busy past couple of weeks for me. I passed all my classes and finally graduated with my Bachelors of Fine Arts! Woo! I'm a grad finally! Now to decide whether or not to keep pushing and go for grad school or not! Do you guys have any good MFA grad school programs near you you'd like to recommend? I'm looking for fibers, drawing/painting, and maybe print making. 

As for my queue, last week and this week I've been doing alot of work and have nearly caught up my queue of commissions! Now onto all the backlog of requests and such! 
I plan on taking my tablet and my laptop with me, given that the laptop behaves, and will keep working some through the holidays, but not nearly as hefty as this past week. So that means Commissions are Active and still Open!