Future Events

As the year goes on, I'll gladly be adding more events where you can meet me and other awesome Furries!

More Events to Come!

This is more of a vacation for me within the SCA with the local Ansteorran group! If you are attending come work with me in the scribal tends and working on costuming medieval garb!

I’ll be working in the Artist Alley as many hours as I can! Don’t forget to preorder any badges you want to pickup at the convention.

I’ll be vending in my own canopy by the Dining Hall! Come pick up your fursuit wares and wonderful bandannas and whatever else your little heart desires. Preorder your Mardi Gras themed badges now!

Furlock Holmes, who couldn’t love this theme! I’ll be vending in Dealer’s Den, be sure to order your badges now and whatever else you’d like to be picked up at the convention!

Welcome one and all to the first year of Oklahoma’s first Hotel Furcon! I’ll be vending in the Dealer’s Den with my friends DaftFur and EbiTampura! Come check out our stuff!

Come visit me while I vend in the Dealer’s Den or Artist Alley! I’ll be taking pre orders on badges for the techno theme!


First year hotel furcon for Oklahoma! Come check out my stuff in the Dealer’s Den and come to panels I plan to host such as Commission Etiquette 101!

Gulf Wars
Lumberton, MS
March 10-17th 2019

Texas Furry Fiesta
Dallas, TX
March 28-31st 2019

Robber’s Cave Park, OK
April 25-28th 2019

Anthro Weekend Utah
Layton, UT
July 18-21st 2019

Tails and Tornadoes Furcon
Tulsa, OK
August 30-September 2nd

Alamo City Furry Invasion
San Antonio, TX
Oct 5-8th 2019

Oklahoma City, OK
Oct 17-20th 2019

Past Events

Don't forget to order your limited edition TFF themed Furry badges! I'll be doing deliveries at the con. Will take orders up to one week before the con!

I'll have an artist alley booth ready to showcase all my current and upcoming projects! I'll gladly be taking commissions and selling some items! 

Texas Furry Fiesta
February 8-11th, 2018
Dallas, Texas

Wild Nights
April 26-29th, 2018
Robber's Cave, Oklahoma

Tracer's Birthday Bash
Columbia, MO
July 13-15th 2018

Tokyo in Tulsa
Tulsa, OK
July 13-15th 2018



Anthro Weekend Utah
Layton, UT
August 10-12th, 2018


Stillwater, OK
August 25th, 2018



Midwest City, OK
August 31st-September 2nd, 2018


Come celebrate a good friend's birthday with art and lots of furry friends! 

Details to come

Oh no! We're double booked! Looks like Tokyo in Tulsa (TnT for short) is the same weekend as Tracer's Birthday Bash! 
There is a strong chance I'll be going to TnT for a single day, not working, but just for fun, and to deliver a couple commissions. There is to be a big furmeet there as well! You guys should come out and join us! 

Details to Come

UPDATE: Due to financial complications, I will not be able to attend this con. 



It's that time of year again! Stillwater's own little comic con! This year brings BIG things to our downtown location! We'll be spread between three building within a 2 block radius of downtown Stillwater; Stillwater Public Library, Stillwater Arts Center, and Stillwater's Community Center! This means loads more rooms for panels, dealers, artists and costume fun! 



Another chance to meet up with us! I will not be working this con, but I do plan on day tripping down to the city to come visit and meet with people! There should be a furry meetup planned! 

Details to Come

Alamo City Furry Invasion
Alamo City, TX
October 5-7th. 2018

Arizona Fur Con
Mesa, AZ
October 26-28th, 2018


This year will be my first year with ACFI! Come check out my wares in the Artist Alley with the many other fantastic artists both in the AA and Dealer's Den! 


UPDATE: Due to financial situations, I will not be able to attend this furcon. 


I'll be in the Artist Alley selling my wares again! Come see the Oklahoma Furries in their finest! 

SUAB's Comiccon November 10, 2017

Lexicon September 9, 2017 10am-4pm

Meet me and my other Furry friends at Lexicon! I plan on debuting Ichigo's full suit here! I'll also have an art booth selling artwork and commissions! 

More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/106536230019484/

Welcome to Wild Nights! The awesome event in Oklahoma!
This event is an outdoors based camping trip that lasts over the weekend where Furries can be fun and fancy free. There are a variety of events going on, from dances, to music, to meals around the campfire.
I'll be working in the artist alley from noon to 5pm Friday through Sunday, or wandering around with my handy dandy camera. Feel free to stop by, say hello, or come commission something just for you!

Visit the site below for registration, and other info! Do remember, this is an outdoor event, but there are cabins to camp out in if you're not fond of sleeping out beneath the stars.

Wild Nights April 27-May 2 2017

TFF March 23-26 2017

Come join and meet fellow Furries from across the country at Texas Fur Fiesta! You will more than likely find me walking along the convention first and second floor with camera in hand and making friends!

Visit the site below for more information and register for the event!