It's been a little while...

It’s been a very interesting past 6 months, lots have changed!

I’ve decided I will not be finishing my graphic design degree at this time and will be focusing on my illustrations and fursuits instead for now.

Speaking of fursuits. We have a new website for our fursuit side of InkyPawPrintsStudio as well as a sub business name! Check out Bewitched Paws; our official fursuit business name for both DaftFur (my husband) and I!

Also, HUSBAND! That’s also massive news! I recently got married (February 14th)! This is been part of why things have been slow to being updated here on InkyPawPrintsStudio! Like I said, LOTS of changes.

As of last semester, I had started taking watercolor classes at the local university. I’ve really fallen in love with the medium and plan to work that into my traditional illustrations. I’m enrolled in my final watercolor class (for now) at the university and will be finishing that up this spring.

Starting last semester I started doing Playing Cards, for a custom deck of Furry Illustrated playing cards for poker and other card games! That was very successful and finished it in great timing! We had a kickstarter back in January that was funded to my goal point and will be published here before very long! I’ll have these decks for sale at Texas Furry Fiesta as well as many more cons and in my online store. Check out my new album of watercolor paintings to see these and other paintings that have been completed in the past few months! There will also be many more paintings from this spring and upcoming months that will also be added to the folder.

On an expansion of the playing cards, this semester I took on the task of illustrating and painting a series of Tarot cards. I’ve started for now with the major arcana, and decided to blow these up into larger paintings so I can have more freedom to experiment with detailing. I’ll be uploading these paintings into the album I mentioned earlier when they are finished.

Anyways, that’s all I have for now! Check out my Upcoming Cons list to see where I plan on vending this year!

Updates to the website!

The shop link is back for now! We're in the process of making SquareSpace here on the website host our shop, but for the mean time check out our ETSY

Also! We're in the process of seperating Fursuits from Illustrations! Once we narrow down to a name my business partner and I agree on, we'll be setting up all new websites and social medias for the fursuit business aspect and InkyPawPrintsStudio will remain as my illustration website and domain! 

Want to hear further progress on our fursuit shenanigans? Check our our Telegram Channel

Oh No!

So I was hit with some unexpected financial situations and will have to remove a couple of future fur cons this year from my list of going to. Sadly, due to the farness of Anthro Weekend Utah and Arizona Fur Con I will not be able to attend either of these cons. 

Also! In update news. I appreciate everyone who has come forward and supported me along the way. My drawing commissions and fursuit commissions are now closed! Fursuits are closed indefinitely. I want to get better on my speed in creating stuff, so after these two commissions in my queue I will be working only on small commissions such as tails and ears, and will be focusing more of my time on making partials to sell at cons and online on my store. As for drawing commissions, I want to clear out my current queue, but will be reopening hopefully July 1st! 

If you're unaware, I will be taking drawing requests on my Drink 'n Draw streams that are now every other Friday night from 8pm CST until whenever I'm too tipsy/tired to draw anymore. If you're wanting some cheap quick art, feel free to attend these events on my Picarto

Are you interested in getting updates on my current whereabouts? Check out my Telegram Channel, Facebook, and Twitter!  

Anyways, thanks for reading! I'll keep you guys tuned in! 

Big News! Future Cons!

So as of right now there are several cons coming up that I'm looking to attend either as just a fursuiter, or as an artist! 

Please check out my Events page for more info!

So far on the queue

Toyko in Tulsa * 
Anthro Weekend Utah
Izumicon * 
Alamo City Furry Invasion
Arizona Fur Con

* cons marked are fursuiting only and mostly only day trip cons. 

Please do get ahold of me if you'd like to meet up, swap art, or get pics! 


Raffle Time!!! And special behind the scenes stuff!

Rules: must follow this channel (IPPS Artist channel) to be entered! 
Prize: 1 free set of 5 sticker pack for the winner! 
End date: May 31st, drawing will be June 1st. 

Join here to be entered to win!

If you join this Telegram channel you'll also get to see commissions as they're finished, when I post I'll be doing streams, and loads more! 

Just as a sneak peak, I've got a Drink 'n Draw Stream tonight on Picarto! Check out the link below later this evening for the stream

Awesome News!

So I'm a little slow with checking my emails. I know I'm bad. I really should check them more often. 


One of my drawings, Ichigo's Clover, and both of my fursuits were accepted! How awesome is that!! 

By the sound of it, I'll be on a blog and published in a catalog as well! 

Here's to 2018 and a rocking good start!

Welcome to 2018

Hi guys!

I hope everyone's 2018 is starting off great! This year hopefully will be a good year for Inky Paw Prints Studio with lots more drawings to be had and plenty of prints coming up for sale.

Some of you may have heard but I had some furry cons and non-furry cons in the works. Just did some balancing of both checkbooks and schedules and here is my lineup.

Texas Furry Fiesta - February 8-11th in Dallas Texas
Wild Nights - April 26-29th at Robber's Cave
Lexicon - TBA (Fall)
SUAB Comiccon - TBA (Fall)

I was looking to go to Gateway Furmeet in St. Louis, Missouri, but due to financial complications, I will not be attending this year as an artist, and only a slim chance of simply as an attendee either. I will do my best to make it next year though!

I will most likely be attending Tokyo in Tulsa, sadly not as an artist this year, but you should be able to find me wandering the halls in full fursuit glory! Also, one of my fursuits I am currently working on should be debuting there as well! Be sure to be on the lookout for my creations!

Don't forget to follow me on social media and support my Patreon( and of course commissions are always open! Please support your lovely artists if you want to see more of their work be posted online! We're nothing without our loyal followers who pad our pocketbooks and make our dream of being artists and illustrators come true!

Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone! It's been a wee bit since I posted an update but wanted to remind you guys that I'll be out of town starting Sunday the 24th until probably Wednesday the 3rd! 


It's been a busy past couple of weeks for me. I passed all my classes and finally graduated with my Bachelors of Fine Arts! Woo! I'm a grad finally! Now to decide whether or not to keep pushing and go for grad school or not! Do you guys have any good MFA grad school programs near you you'd like to recommend? I'm looking for fibers, drawing/painting, and maybe print making. 

As for my queue, last week and this week I've been doing alot of work and have nearly caught up my queue of commissions! Now onto all the backlog of requests and such! 
I plan on taking my tablet and my laptop with me, given that the laptop behaves, and will keep working some through the holidays, but not nearly as hefty as this past week. So that means Commissions are Active and still Open! 


Under 3 Weeks!

Holy moly! We're so close to the BFA Studio Exhibition for the Fall seniors! I can't wait to set up my stuff on the 28th of October. 

Don't forget! This is a free public event! There will be snacks and artist talks from 5-7pm at the Gardiner Art Gallery on Oklahoma State University's campus, right down the street from Eskimo Joe's. 

You'll see my work as well as several other of my colleague's works! I can't wait to see everyone there! 

Until next time,


Lots of Good News to be Held!

It sure has been busy here in my area recently! I got the announcement that I passed my thesis review! Hoorah! I get to graduate on time in December by putting up my show the month before! 

We just finished up Lexicon over this past weekend and it was a big success! The official debut of the Ichigo suit was awesome! Lots of adoring fans and pictures to be had. 

September is going to keep me very busy, between prepping for the art gallery in November. The opening night is November 3rd! Mark your calendars for coming out to Stillwater, Oklahoma to see the show on full display! There even will be special guests from around the state for my portion of the show. October should sail by fairly quickly as well, loads of projects and things to do to get ready for November. Then the show, and onto December and graduation! November 10th, mark your calendars! I've another comiccon coming up on the 10th! This is a very short one that will only be for a couple hours, come out and get your nerd on. 

I may or may not also be picking up a side project helping the Student Veterans Organization in building and painting a display for the Homecoming weekend festivities in stillwater! I need to get that double checked, but it'll be a nice project to work on when I'm not covered in fur. 

I plan on fully opening up Fursuit commissions coming December, but I will be gone at the end of the month for family obligations and a special grandmother's 80th Birthday Party! Shh, don't tell her that. 

Otherwise, things are going smooth so far! I'll be sure to post more updates here as stuff comes up. 

Just here to say hello...

Hi guys, just wanted to post a little update. 

Things have been pretty busy here so far. I've been making huge headway in the fursuits, I still have the need for outside help, so if you're feeling generous and would be willing to help a Furry artist like myself out please visit here.

I've finished both tails, they look absolutely awesome, SUPER fluffy. Enough to make my allergies go haywire while shaving them to appropriate fur lengths. I've been working on drawings again, those are going well. Taking commissions, so feel free to message me if you want to order something! Besides fursuits of course, those I can't take on until after graduation in December. 

What do I have left?

  • Red panda head and neck
  • Red panda body
  • Red panda hands and feet
  • Wolf neck
  • Wolf Body
  • Wolf hands and feet
  • 9 more digital drawings for the show

Wow that looks like quite a lot doesn't it? Want to see what I've got finished since the beginning of the month?

  • Wolf head
  • wolf tail
  • Red panda tail
  • 2 digital drawings completed

Of course, there is still lots more to do, but I feel pretty confident that I can finish it up. Plenty of streaming time. If you guys want to watch me stream while I work, I typically stream from 21:00-5:00 CST(-6GMT). 


Anyways, That's all I have for the moment! I'll pop back over here if I have any new news to tell! 

Summer Break, Events, and more work!

Hey everyone!

It's officially my Summer Break! Thank goodness!
Currently I have two Facebook Events going across my art page!
I highly suggest that you follow the page to see more events when free art is coming out

May Art Raffle- The May art raffle happens every month, where one winner chosen from the list of people who "attended" this online event by raffle numbers gets to choose something of their choice to be drawn and sent to them via postcard! Wow!

Postcard Give-away - This other event is a postcard art random give away! All you have to do is follow me across multiple Social Media page! Such as Facebook (@RainyDayDoodles), Twitter (@inky_paw), FurAffinity, (inkypawprint), etc! It just has to be more than one!

As for updates on art, I'm taking a couple weeks break as to catch up on some much needed personal rest and recovery from that loooooong semester, but then I'll be back and working on new stuff!

Want to see whats in my queue?

Feel free to comment below on stuff that you'd like to see! I'll take suggestions and work them around how I'd like to get stuff done and interacting with the others for my show!


7 Days Left!

As I've mentioned before, I really need feedback from you guys.

Whats your thoughts on the combined gallery of the Anthro works? Do you think the lewd work needs to be separated from the others?

Also, what kinds of other works are you interested in? I'm looking at filling the other folder with tons and tons of sketches and things that are ideas for future projects and stuff that's currently in the works.

Anything else you think that should be added? 

Please give me a shoutout on Twitter!


Urgent Commissions Needed

Hi guys,

In order for going to Wild Nights I need to gather some commissions to work on so I can pay for the registration costs and fuel to get down there, preferably gathering the funds before Sunday or there is an extra fee the day of the event!

So far I have these goals to complete
Basic registration: $60
Also in need of funds to cover fuel for driving out and back again: $30

     - If I can gain more, I can upgrade to Sponsor($100), or Super Sponsor ($170), but I think neither of these will be achieved so shortly before the event.